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LIVE Social NFT Auctions

A social crypto experience platform for communities of artist and fans

RARA Social

Run Social NFT auctions in your Discord and Telegram community with RARA Bot.


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Install RARA Bot

Install RARA.social Bot to run social NFT auctions in your Discord or Telegram community.

  • Telegram // search and add RARA.social bot as a member to your Telegram group.

  • Discord // authorize the RARA Bot to access your Discord server.


Auctions on NFT minting platforms lack the social experience collectors + fans expect. Their experiences are akin to going to an art gallery but not being able to talk to the artist + rub shoulders with other collectors, and frankly the auctions are just... 🤷 blah.

RARA Bot makes auctions into live, social event experiences that you can have directly in your community.

What are Social NFT Auctions?

Social NFT Auctions are auctions held inside your community where your artists, bidders, and fans like to hang out most.

RARA Social

Why use RARA?

More social, more bids, more fun.

  • 🔥 Creates fun and engaging experiences for your community.

  • ❤️ Enables the appreciation and worth of NFT art through live engaging dynamics.

  • 💸 Like a joystick with a wallet, RARA accelerates bidding + gets fans into the action.

How does it work?

The 🤖 RARA Bot lets you host and showcase auctions directly in your Telegram and Discord by pulling the NFTs from Opensea. Bidders can bid and fans can cheer from the RARA App, and all the activity appears in your community chat.

RARA Social

How do I start using it?

  1. Install the RARA Bot in your Discord or Telegram (see buttons below).

  2. Tell bidders + fans to launchrara (/launchrara on Telegram) to connect their wallet to the RARA app, so they can bid and RA!

  3. Run the startauction [Opensea NFT URL] command to get the auction started, and startcountdown to end the auction.

  4. For more commands type rarahelp.

Wallet Set up & Auction Commands

Here are some images you can use to explain how the auction works to your community. Download these images and pin them in your auction channel!

🔒 We take security seriously. Click here for more information to about the main ways to login to RARA and associated security.

What are $alpha RA! ($aRA)?

$aRA!'s are ways to cheer during a social NFT auction. Enjoying the bidding action or love the NFT art being sold? Let the crowd know by hitting the RA! button. RA!'s are purchased with Alpha RA! tokens.

Alpha RA!'s can be earned and spent throughout a community event like a social NFT auction events.

Ways to earn $aRAs

Currently, Alpha RA!'s are only useable in the RARA app and are not redeemable for $USD or spendable outside of the RARA ecosystem. Ways to earn and spend Alpha RA!'s subject to change without notice. Alpha RA!'s are not available for sale and are not considered an investment.