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The RA! Awards x 2022 NFTs of the Year

Nominations are Live Now

The RA! Awards is an Internet-first awards ceremony for the best NFTs of the year according to the fans, not price. As the second annual RA! Awards, this is the first time voting is completely on-chain with the Polygon network using RARA’s social curation protocol.Start Curation to nominate your favorite NFTs of the year now on the app ↗.React to vote on curated NFTs - the NFT with the most curators wins. It's free. Just pay gas!

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Social Curation Tools for Devs

Quit building with centralized curation tools for NFTs. Replace your app's like button, comments, and tags with RARA's social curation protocol.View the Documentation ↗.

Social Curation Tools for Devs

RARA is in beta. The protocol contracts are open sourced and verified but the most recent release is not audited yet. Use at your own risk. View our GitHub Repo ↗.

RARA, the Social Curation Protocol for NFTs
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