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A social crypto experience platform for NFT fans. Launch the new RARA App to view ongoing live auctions and our community's favorite NFTs!


Install RARA Bot

Install RARA's bot in Telegram or Discord to host Social NFT Auctions in your community.

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Using RARA is easy. Here is a quick guide to install and run an auction from start to finish.

  1. Click the button below to install the RARA Bot in your Discord or Telegram community.

  2. Type launchrara to connect your wallet and create an account to run auction commands. Note: all commands on Telegram require a / like this /launchrara.

  3. Run the command, startauction [Opensea NFT URL], to start accepting offers for the NFT. Finally, when the offers slow, run startcountdown to put 30 seconds on the clock for final offers.

  4. For more commands, type rarahelp.

Install RARA

To install RARA on Discord, click here. To install in Telegram, click here

Create an account to run commands

Type launchrara in a server channel to create a RARA account to run commands. Click on the link DM'ed to you by Bot. Then, connect your wallet to the app and login to the app.

Start an auction

  • Type startauction [OpenSea NFT URL link] where bidders can send offers.

  • All auctions start at 0.01 WETH unless you add an amount at the end of the command.

  • For example, run startauction NFT URL 2 to start an auction at 2 WETH.

NFTs supported by RARA

  • OpenSea NFTs minted on Ethereum only.

  • The NFT open to accepting offers on OpenSea and not currently in an auction contract.

NFTs not supported by RARA

  • NFTs minted on other blockchains (e.g., Polygon and Tezos) are not currently supported.

  • NFTs on the auction block or in a reserve auction on OpenSea, Foundation, Zora, or other minting platform. The NFT needs to be open to offers on OpenSea.

Closing auction

Type startcountown to begin a 30 second timer to your auction. If someone bids, 30 seconds will be added. Run clearcountdown to remove the timer or closeauction to close an auction without a countdown.

Accept offers

To finalize a sale, the owner of the NFT needs to Accept the Offer on OpenSea.

Images to Pin 📍 in Your #Auction Channel

Download these images and pin them in your auction channel.

🔒 We take security seriously. Click here for more information to about the main ways to login to RARA and associated security.


RARA brings auctions to your community in a social experience.

What are Social NFT Auctions?

Social NFT Auctions are auctions held inside your community where your artists, bidders, and fans like to hang out most.

RARA Social

How does it work?

The 🤖 RARA Bot lets you host and showcase auctions directly in your Telegram and Discord by pulling the NFTs from OpenSea. Bidders can bid and fans can cheer from the RARA App, and all the activity appears in your community chat.

How RARA Works

Why use RARA?

More social, more bids, more fun.

  • 🔥 Creates fun and engaging experiences for your community.

  • ❤️ Enables the appreciation and worth of NFT art through live dynamics.

  • 💸 Like a joystick with a wallet, RARA accelerates bidding + gets fans into the action.

Who uses RARA?

NFT artists and communities of different walks of life install RARA to create engaging NFT auctions. Here are our numbers:

community installsNFTs auctionedCollab events

How to earn and spend $RA!s

$RA!'s are ways to cheer during a social NFT auction. Enjoying the bidding action or love the NFT art being sold? Let the crowd know by hitting the RA! button. RA!'s are purchased with RA! tokens.

RA!'s can be earned and spent throughout a community event like a social NFT auction events. Here is how:

RA!'s are only useable in the RARA app and are not redeemable for $USD or spendable outside of the RARA ecosystem. Ways to earn and spend RA!'s subject to change without notice. RA!'s are not available for sale and are not considered an investment.